The R.O.A.D.S. BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HOME is a drop-in center where clients receive all their medical, dental, behavioral health and chemical dependency needs under one roof.


  • Over the past 30 years of practicing psychiatry we have repeatedly seen the need for a comprehensive mental health delivery program which truly benefits all individuals afflicted with any type of mental illness.
  • A Model that treats both mind and body.
  • On average, chronic mentally ill patients die 25 years earlier than those not afflicted with this disease, due to lack of attention paid to other serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, infections associated with neglected oral hygiene, and other concomitant illnesses.
  • To improve the quality and purpose of their lives.
  • It is kind of an Oasis!
  • An opportunity
  • Source of purpose
  • A community
  • Activity Center
  • 24/7 live response line
  • Case Managers
Smoking Cessation
Crisis Intervention
AA & NA meetings
Vocational Training
Planned Outings
Patient Centered
Smoking Cessation
Crisis Intervention
AA & NA meetings
Health and Weight Management
It is beyond just medicine!
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